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a teddy bear themed baby quilt is on the floor next to some gifts and decorations
Free Gingerbread Mini Quilt Pattern
a patchwork christmas quilt on the grass
Christmas with Scaredy Cat – Star Break Quilt
a pink and green patchwork quilt with white polka dots on the center, flowers in the middle
Helen Philipps
Helen Philipps: June 2016
the quilt is made up and ready for someone to use it as a bed spread
Fresh Florals
two quilts are stacked on top of each other
Lavender Hearts
Helen Philipps: Lavender Hearts
a patchwork piece with red and white flowers on it
Dahlias and Evening Stars
Helen Philipps: Dahlias and Evening Stars
two red and white quilts hanging from a hook
Helen Philipps
Helen Philipps: June 2016
a quilted shower curtain in a bathroom next to shelves with folded towels on them
Autumn Making
a teddy bear sitting on top of a bed
Helen Philipps
a heart quilt is laying on the bed
Summer Hearts and Flowers
Helen Philipps: Summer Hearts and Flowers
a doll is sitting on top of a bed with red and white checkered sheets
Sweet and Simple
Helen Philipps: Sweet and Simple
a white rocking chair with a colorful patchwork quilt on it
Apple Blossom
Helen Philipps: Apple Blossom
a quilted wall hanging on the side of a bed
Pretty Flowery Things
Helen Philipps: Pretty Flowery Things
a pink and white quilt with red bows on it
Chrysanthemum Quilt
a red and white quilted wall hanging next to a cup with a candle in it
Helen Philipps (@helen.philipps) | Instagram
a vase filled with flowers sitting on top of a table covered in patchwork material
October Days
a pink and white quilt with hearts on it
Hearts and Flowers
a white bed topped with a blue and white quilt next to a nightstand filled with flowers
Seaside Blues
Helen Philipps: Seaside Blues
pink flowers in a bucket on top of a quilted table cloth next to a white chair
a white chair with a red and blue quilt on it
Seaside Flower Garden
a white bed topped with a colorful quilt next to a wooden headboard and night stand
Sewing Squares
Helen Philipps: Sewing Squares
a white fence with a quilt and watering can
Helen Philipps
a white quilt is hanging on a hook in front of a bed with pink and blue flowers
Flowery Four Patch Quilts
Helen Philipps: Flowery Four Patch Quilts
a vase with flowers on a small table next to a quilted wallhanger
Pinwheels and Flowers