MIRJAM HILLER-DE-Brooch: Gem Blue 2011  Stainless steel, powdercoating

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A great brooch - pink powdercoated steel by Mirjam Hiller...see more if you like...  http://www.mirjamhiller.com/

Mirjam Hiller Mirjam Hiller Metocanea brooch, 2012 stainless steel, powder coated 18 x 18 x 5 cm Charon Kransen Arts

Mirjam Hiller  Brooch: Venturium Pink 2012  Stainless steel, powdercoating

Inspiring : the extraordinary singleness of Mirjam Hiller, jeweller

Mirjam Hiller

Fantastically interesting jewelry by German designer, Mirjam Hiller Necklace from the Heaps and Crystals collection Brooch from the Heap.

Brooch | Marjam Hiller.  'Atrosanea'.  Stainless steel, powder coated.

I don't usually wear brooches, but this one by Mirjam Hiller feels so much like springtime!




Mirjam Hiller makes jewelry sculptures by sawing sheet metal from her Potsdam, Germany workshop.