Personalized easter basket   101 Easter basket ideas-Πασχαλινό καλαθάκι   101 ιδέες για να το γεμίσετε

This year we decided (or should I say I decide as it is surprise) to establish as an Easter tradition a basket with goodies for the kiddos.

Summer packing list-Καλοκαιρινή λίστα βαλίτσας

You made your suitcase, prepared the emergency kit, took all the necessities and you are ready to leave and start your vacation.

My medical calendar-Το ιατρικό μου ημερολόγιο

Are you one of those who remember everything or the ones who forget? Before kids I belonged to the first category, I even remembered phone.

Back to school supply list-Λίστα σχολικών ειδών

The time comes that your kiddo is about to start school. You are nervous because it is a big step for the kid, how will be his/her teacher,.

Emergency kit for holidays-Φαρμακείο διακοπών

Swanocean: Emergency kit for holidays-Φαρμακείο διακοπών

My cleaning schedule-Το πρόγραμμα καθαριότητάς μου

Here comes the day you have to clean the house and takes you all day while the fatigue is incredible plus you have lost a day of carelessne.

Swanocean: Blog planner 2017-Ημερολόγιο μπλογκ 2017

I like to be organized in every aspect of my life. I still have my spontaneous moments but when I am planning I feel less insecure.

Healthy eating grocery list-Λίστα για ψώνια με υγιεινές τροφές

Before you go for shopping do you make a shopping list? Experts are saying that you should make a list because that way you spend less mon.