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Un bonhomme de neige en pâte d’amande

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Christmas holiday festive chocolate drink hot chocolate hot christmas lights candy cane heart blue candy rustic retro mug cup seasonal metal cocoa Stripe beverage striped Straw marshmallow enamel fairy light stripey drinking chocolate light string stocksy

Christmas for pets!

Labrador Puppy In Christmas Costume / Lab / Dog / Pet Photography / Portraits / Holiday Card Idea / Photo Session Idea / Prop Ideas / Winter

Ideas For Christmas: Rocken Decor…

Who said Christmas decorations have to be quirk and kitsch? Learn how to get your home Christmas-ready in style with a cute tree hung on your wall and a big festive postcard to cheer everybody up!


...the little book of secrets...

Beautiful living room with stunning windows . interior design ideas and home decor & Christmas tree by The Enchanted Home


Un papier cadeau personnalisé avec des tampons encreurs

10 awesome and simple DIY valentine wrapping ideas to make your valentine feel the love.

christmas candles

Un photophore habillé d’un tour de lin brodé

Snowmen out of vintage globes

The Holiday Guide by Emily Henderson

diy glitter bulbs

Sweet Paul Holiday Countdown: Day 1 - Glitter Bulbs: This is a great way to upcycle old burnt out bulbs!