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the full moon is shining brightly in the night sky with stars on its sides and dark blue skies
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a boat floating on top of the ocean under a sky filled with lots of stars
the night sky is filled with stars and milky over mountains, reflecting in calm water
Peaceful sailing
the night sky is filled with stars above a wooden dock in the middle of water
Easy Street by Rob Dickinson - Photo 129054663 - 500px
a person standing on top of a hill under a night sky with stars above them
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a person standing on top of a hill under the stars
SNAKE RANCH - nelsoncarpenter: wnderlst:  Self-portrait at...
I must confess to a feeling of profound humility in the presence of a universe which transcends us at almost every point. ~ Sir Isaac Newton
a person sitting on top of a hill looking at the stars
Life's Best.
Fill your mind with positive focus, then run your program with soul determined dynamic will.
a man looking at the stars with a telescope
See Costa Rica differently: stargaze like never before through a GPS-guided telescope while savouring a menu infused with real meteorites.