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Studies have shown that people learn something better when the sound is connected with the image. Base on it, we prepared a guide how to produce good microlearing videos for e-learning.  #elearning #microlearning #video

Wondering how to Produce Microlearning Videos in eLearning? Check these 8 tips to Produce Microlearning Videos to make eLearning convenient and accessible.

Competency based training is an interesting teaching phenomenon, saying that proper learning has to focus strictly on practice.  And how this works in terms of eLearning?  #learning #competency #elearning #teaching

How can you ensure eLearning success by providing competency based training? Read all about competency based training in our new article!

What are going to be next big things in corporate eLearning in 2017? This is a good question and we try to give an answer.  #talentlms #lms #elearning #corporate #corporation #company

6 Corporate eLearning Trends to look out for in 2017

Poor internet connection is like a standard in some countries in the world. But fear not - this is no obstacle to the process of eLearning!

Is your eLearning design and content optimized for poor internet connection and offline accessibility? Read this article for offline eLearning design tips!

Year 2017 will be definetely the year of Instructional Designer. We present 6 top trends for them!  #design #trends #instructional #talentlms

Which are the hottest instructional design trends for Read on and discover the 6 top trends you should look out for in

The services that we use for working in TalentLMS - programs and tools that serve as a means with which we build our product.   #tools #tool #slack #toolbox #lms #company

Which services and tools helped make TalentLMS and eFrontPro what they are? Read about the services we use at Epignosis to build our products and business!

How to build up a genuine team our of just a bunch of people and how to benefit from specialization.  #company #management #tips #lms #team #group #teamwork #specialist

What is the difference between a team and a group and how can specialization within teamwork influence the effectiveness and success of the team?

New funtionalities and features of an Android App which finally is there!  come on and read about it!

TalentLMS for Android is finally here! Have a look at the TalentLMS Android app features that will make your mobile learning experience even more awesome!

How to measure the success of e-learning? We want to show you some trends and ways to ROI measuring.  #ROI #elearning #talentlms

How do you measure the success of your eLearning program? Read this article and find out how to evaluate the ROI of eLearning in 5 simple steps!

Can you imagine yourself motivation system that is based on fun and games? We guarantee that it works!  #motivation #team #human #work #culture

All work and no play: Fun and games in the work culture

Now the TalentLMS customer support is only one click away and this thanks to new functionality. See how it works and how it can help you!  #support #customer #customersupport #feature #lms

Support requests do not only help our team solve issues, but also help improve the product.

Gamification is the heart of many modern systems of motivating learners and also in other contexts - from whence its popularity came? Read about some cases!  #game #learning #school #gamification #elearning #lms

Gamification in TalentLMS: Use cases and best practices

Good news we want to share with you - our TalentLMS ranked first in "Most Affordable LMS" ranking by Capterra. What features were recognized as especially valuable by the jury? Read the blogpost!  #award #talent #prize #price #lms #education

TalentLMS has won Capterra's "Most affordable LMS" ranking for this year! Discover what makes TalentLMS the best LMS solution for your online training!

This one's about how to use eLearning courses in a non-standard way - for building a brand image. And it's a great way to do so - via eLearning courses!  #brand #branding #eLearning #course   check it out yourself:

Looking for ways to Brand Your eLearning Course? Check this article for 5 Ways To Brand Your eLearning Course to truly reflect your company’s image.

Collaborative learning is a state when your learners support themselves in learning and benefit from it individually.  Check out our newest blogpost covering this topic:  #learn #social #group #lms #eLearning #e-learning

Collaboration in eLearning is one of the key factors for your eLearning course success! Here are 12 questions to help you promote collaborative learning!

A short chat with our Lead Mobile Developer will unveil how mobile LMS industry and software development process looks like.  #mobile #android #release #lms #learn #learning #interview #talk #chat #post #blog

The talent behind TalentLMS: A chat with our Lead Mobile Developer