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an ornate bathtub in front of a window with rainbow paint on the walls and floor
a glass shower with a colorful butterfly on it
Stained glass butterfly shower
a room filled with lots of purple lights next to a bed and a night light
Celestial Constellation Projector
a glass filled with lots of different colored stars
LED Romantic Starry Night Sky Galaxy Projector Lamp Star Cosmos Lights -
a black bathroom with purple lighting in the shower and sink area next to each other
Dark Decor For A Night Owl
there is a bed with stars on the night sky
Glow In The Dark Canopy White
tiktok @haleynewmann
Bring the Outdoors magic in Your Home with DIY Galaxy Projector
DIY Aurora Bedroom Makeover with Galaxy Projector
😍 Teenage girl room inspiration! ~ Chilled out aesthetic tik tok bedroom 😍