Yiannis Moralis

Portrait of Fani by Yiannis Moralis Greek painter

'Self Portrait' by Nikolaos Lytras........The Nicholas or Nick Lytras ( Athens 1883 - 1927 ) was a distinguished Greek painter of the early 20th century. He studied painting at the School of Arts of Athens from 1902 to 1906, taught by his father Nikephoros Lytras and George Iakovidi . Continued his studies at the Munich Academy with his teacher Ludwig von Loftus . It is assumed that in Munich , the young Nicholas Lytras met German Expressionism and the works of the famous group " Blue Rider…

'Self Portrait' by Nikolaos Lytras (Greek painter, 1883 -

Saint Sebastian, by Yannis Tsarouchis

Saint Sebastian (study) by Yannis Tsarouchis

Yannis Tsarouchis (Greek painter 1910-1989)

Despina with lacy shirt, 1968 - Yannis Tsarouchis

Constantinos Malamos : Maisons à Dexameni, 1964

Constantinos Malamos - - house in Dexameni, 1964


Yannis Tsarouchis, Self-portrait

Yiannis Moralis - Figure, 1952

“Seated nude” by Greek artist Yiannis Moralis

Yiannis Moralis

Yannis Moralis / Γιάννης Μόραλης is an outstanding figure in Modern Greek painting. He became a professor at the School of Fine Arts at a very early age and for years taught the younger generations of Greek painters.

«Παντοπωλείο στα Γιάννενα» (1968, λάδι σε μουσαμά)του Κώστα Μαλάμου

«Παντοπωλείο στα Γιάννενα» (1968, λάδι σε μουσαμά)του Κώστα Μαλάμου

#Tsarouchis, is regarded as one of the greatest #Greek painters of the 20th century.

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Oikonomou Michail

Michail Oikonomou House near the water

(1845 Αθήνα - ; Κέρκυρα) Το 1859 σπούδαζε στο Σχολείον των Τεχνών, όπου τιμήθηκε με το β' βραβείο. Αποφοίτησε το 1866 και τον επόμενο χρόνο συνέχισε τις σπουδές του στην Ακαδημία του Μονάχου κοντά ...

Ζαχαρίας Ιωάννης ή Ζαχαριάς – Ioannis Zacharias [1845-1873;]

''The Daughter With The oil on canvas by the Greek painter Ioannis Zacharias

Yannis Tsarouchis

Yannis Tsarouchis (Greece, First idea for the "Spirit of boredom, above Piraeus" Athens, 1968 (Oil on paper)

Kostas Parthenis - Κωνσταντινος Παρθένης

Kostas Parthenis - Κωνσταντινος Παρθένης

Γιάννης Τσαρούχης (1910-1989) «Ναύτης στον ήλιο» (1968-1970). Λάδι σε πανί (220x100 εκ.), Ίδρυμα Γιάννη Τσαρούχη.

Yannis Tsarouxis: Sailor at the sun

Yannis Tsarouchis

Winter France, Oil on kraft paper, 115 x cm Inv.by Yiannis Tsarouchis