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Friendship Quotes

Because You Call Me A Friend - A Beautiful Poem By Raymond Juan

I will give you a big hug anytime, Because you call me a friend. I will hold your hand when you need it held, Because you call me a friend. I will wipe away your tears when you cry, Because you call me a friend. I will make you smile when you are down, Because you call me a friend. I will help you up when you stumble, Because you call me a friend. I will listen when nobody else will listen, Because you call me a friend. I will not judge you, Because you call me a friend. And when you are…

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Sticker Advent Calendars

Each calendar consists of a booklet with 25 closed pocket-pages. Each pocket contains one sheet of never before seen STICKII stickers!

27 Best Purple Bullet Journal Spreads For 2020 - Crazy Laura

Thinking of changing the color scheme of your bujo theme this month?! Check out these adorable purple bullet journal spreads for ideas to get started!

Half way through my October mood tracker 🕸👻

A subreddit for people using or interested in starting a bullet journal.

KWL Chart (Know, Want to Know, Learned) Graphic Organizer- Printable and Digital

Graphic Organizers are a great way for students to organize thoughts, ideas and information. This KWL Chart template can be used with any subject in any grade level. This product comes in a blank and lined version with clip art (b/w) and a colored version to use as a poster or to project on the scr...


I felt overwhelmed until I realized and conquered this: my physical space is a reflection of my headspace.⁣ ⁣Read that again, then look around you. Imagine if every cluttered closet & disorganized drawer took up physical space in your mind; if every item took rent. It's debilitating, isn't it? There isn't room for anything else. It's time to get your home and mind back to where they should be.

The Power of Habit - Book Review | Boho Berry

A few weeks ago, I snagged the audio version of The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg. Within the first few pages, I instantly fell in love with his style of writing. Charles is a Pulitzer Prize-winning business reporter for the New York Times. Although this …

Free Printable Chore Charts to Help Kids Get Organized

These free printable chore charts are the perfect way to help kids get organized and reach their goals over summer break or during the school year! Summer break is almost upon us. (Tomorrow is the last day of school for us, and I know a lot of schools are out already!) And while I love having the boys home and the extra freedom we have in our schedule, I also know that our days go a lot more smoothly if I am able to build some structure into them. I've found that if the boys and I go into…

7 Informational Text Activities for Primary Students

It is easy to create or search for activities related to fictional literature, but what about informational text?! Most of the activities we find are the same graphic organizers, just to be used with different books. Here are some more hands-on lessons you can use with your students to dive into informational text!

THE AWESOME BOOK 2 - *triggered*

why did you come back? xD

12 Bullet Journal Hacks That Actually Work - Bullet Planner Ideas

You NEED to see these bullet journal hacks that actually work! These hacks make bullet journaling easier, less stressful and more productive.

FREE Future Log Bullet Journal Printable

This minimalist future log bullet journal printable will help you organize your bullet journal for the new year. This future log starts the week on Sunday and Monday.

FREE Bullet Journal Mood Trackers

My collection of bullet journal mood tracker printables to practice hand lettering on your iPad or planner. These bullet journal mood tracker worksheets are

40+ Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads

Over 40+ bullet journal weekly spreads to create unique and elegant layouts in your bullet journal.

30+ February Bullet Journal Spreads

On this blog post, I'm sharing a mixture of 30+ February bullet journal spreads and February bullet journal themes. The blog post has a couple of girly and minimalist spreads.

FREE Bullet Journal Printables

100+ FREE bullet journal printables and templates to help you organize your planner. Each bullet journal printable is filled with colorful images and flowers to add a touch of feminity to your planner. From weekly spreads to mood trackers. Each bullet journal collection will help you plan efficiently!

Random Journal Day #41

Yes, I'm late again...I overslept--wide awake at two-thirty, I should've just gotten up. But, no--fell back asleep until just before five and an hour of my precious morning time shot to the wind and gone...Not the way to start the day... However that was quickly remedied by the fact that it is amazingly gorgeous here today--and I hit the water for an extended 90min row with one of my favorite teams--Gone Rowing--so much fun these ladies! It was a great warm up for tomorrow morning's race--I…