Greece is light! Ελλάδα είναι φως!

WHAT IT MEANS TO BE GREEK TO BE GREEK - A Fantastic Video (Needs some editing to show it to kids. but there's a lot of really awesome stuff to think about what it means to come from a culture that old)

proud to be greek

I'm not Greek but I'm supporting Greece through their hard times here. They were such wonderful people when we were there, I feel so bad they're having a hard time.

GREECE CHANNEL | Greek Proverb -  Everything in Moderation. Including moderation.

Greek Proverb - Everything in Moderation. Said by Kleovoulos from Lindos, Rhodes

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The funniest Greek memes (those funny captioned pics)

Filotimo ~ this really is second nature to most Greeks. To honor your parents, to honor your friend, to honor your life.

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