Be who you are, not who the world want you to be. People may say you've changed but you've just stopped acting as they want you to

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Yeah, I heard some people say that but that would make you refrain from doin the things you love and being happy since you are repressing whatever joy you are feeling at that moment. I do not even entertain this thought. Definitely not for me.

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Life is full of give and take. Give thanks and take nothing for granted - Happy Thanksgiving

Very over protective father - I bet dad thought about doing this once or twice. funny thing is - I wouldn't have driven in the "NO!" zone- because the car's fastest speed isn't covered ;

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People love you and some people hate you. But that isn't something important in your life. The people we love and love us back are a wonderful gift in life. But the people who hate you aren't and that's okay, because you don't need them to love you.

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