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100 Ways to Upcycle your clothing

If you’ve got a closet full of clothing that doesn’t fit or isn’t flattering, you don’t have to dump it all at the thrift store drop-off. There’s another solution: upcycle it! That old clothing is actually like having an extra stash of fabric, ready to.

Living, Laughing, and Learning: T-Shirt Extender DIY

(CS: add ribbon suspenders to create double cami look with contrasting color) Living, Laughing, and Learning: T-Shirt Extender DIY

upcycle t-shirt

Lengthen a t-shirt with this quick and easy t-shirt upcycle. Add a band of woven fabric to any t-shirt to give it a fun twist, with this easy sewing tutorial.

Easy T-Shirt Hack Projects

Practical ideas and how-to's for recycling t-shirts, from simple crops, painting and major t-shirt hack projects,

Hello tout le monde ! Parce que faire ses objets déco soi-même revient souvent moins cher que de les acheter, Astuces De Filles a une nouvelle fois pensé à

DIY Sparkly Collar with CDs. Refashion the old t-shirt by creating this sparkle collar with old CD or DVD pieces and get yourself in style.

Hand painted t shirt.  | Branch the Troll. I use non-toxic, water based, permanent fabric colors for my paintings. 100% organic cotton fabric. Branch from the "Trolls" movie.

Hand painted boy's t shirt, featuring Branch from the "Trolls" movie. The colors are non-toxic, water based, permanent fabric colors.