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someone in the group shared this image with facebook to grow their own seedlings for free
Muffin tin planting hack
an image of flowers and plants in different colors, with the names on each page
Organic Gardening #6 – Layout and Planting
Vegetable Garden Layout - Sample Companion Planting Design
the four types of vegetables are shown in this diagram, and each has their own name
Free Vegetable Garden Plans
Fantastic free vegetable garden layouts -- make the most of the space you have!
there is a plot that shows how many different plants can be grown
Vegetable Gardening for Beginners
Vegetable garden planning: beginning gardening
an illustration of a vegetable garden
These Free Vegetable Garden Plans Will Bring a Harvest to Your Backyard
Vegetable Garden Plans Grow a healthy, beautiful vegetable garden with these free plans.
a person holding a bunch of strawberries in their hands
Homesteading From Scratch
10 Tips for a Successful Vegetable Garden - From Scratch Magazine
a green flower is growing out of the ground next to a pair of pliers
Magic Celery
grow celery from the root end Dig a hole in the vegetable garden deep enough to completely cover the celery, and plant the celery in the hole with the freshly cut side up.
some rocks with words painted on them in the dirt and plants growing out of them
Painted Stone Garden Markers for the Vegetable Garden - Garden Therapy
So cute! And so easy to paint flat rocks with bright acrylics to make them function as durable plant markers. Find the how-tos at Garden Therapy.
a bottle of cleaner sitting next to some garlic and other items in front of rocks
Natural homemade garden bug and pest repellent - even deters squirrels and rabbits!
a poster showing the different types of plants
I want to start a vegetable garden when I move, so this will be helpful!
a person holding some green beans in their left hand and wearing a button down shirt
How to Plan Your Vegetable Garden
How to Grow Beans by marthastewart #Beans #Vegetable_Growing_Guide #marthastewart
a man holding a bunch of green broccoli in his hands with leaves on it
How to Plan Your Vegetable Garden
How to Grow Broccoili by marthastewart #Broccoli #Vegetable_Growing_Guide #marthastewart