Candy Cane Roll Cake

Candy Cane Roll Cake by cakeletsanddoilies: More interesting than a Christmas log, just as festive, and will make you look like a baking genius

Cake pops

Christmas cake pops

Chocolate Christmas cake pops make delightfully novel food gifts if you can bear to part with them! Makes 28 Ingredients * by XenaWK

Gluesticks: Milky Way Teddy Sleds

MIlky Way Teddy Bar Cars - Cut Bite size Milky Way bars about from the end.wedge a Teddy Graham or Teddy Bear cookie in the cut area, & with a few dabs of choc. frosting glue onto two candy canes. Your kids will love them!

Jo's white Christmas slice main image

Jo's white Christmas slice

Chocolate rum balls main image

Chocolate rum balls

Christmas Classic Rum Balls will satisfy your Christmas sweet tooth! And a lovely Christmas Gift Idea too. Easy to make! Omit the raisins.

Christmas ice main image

Christmas ice

Christmas Coconut Ice Wrap up sweet childhood memories in one irresistible Christmas package. Made with condensed milk, our red-and-green twist on classic coconut ice is moist, chewy and delicious.

Steamed Banana Pudding

Steamed banana pudding

A winter dessert I'd like to try - steamed banana pudding! By crossing fruit pudding with banana bread, create a new make-ahead Christmas classic that's at home in the height of summer.

Fruit mince

Fruit mince

Make this traditional fruit mince to create all your Christmas favourites.

Pavlova Torte

Pavlova torte

Pavlova torte Juicy, in-season gold kiwifruit, sweet strawberries and tangy passionfruit top off this low-fat Aussie favourite.

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