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definitely feel this way sometimes

In the world I am always a stranger.I do not understand its does not understand my silence. My silence

The truth.

Well I never got to say a proper good bye. maybe that's what you wanted. Well atleast then I am glad. if that's what you wanted. Good bye my friend.

Wisdom by Publilius Syrus 1stC BC; a Syrian who was brought as a slave to Italy and by his wit and talent he won his freedom.

The only good word is a word used correctly. In a word, it's all about words. Now that you are here, we'd like to have a word with you.

I can't wait to go how for the holidays and remember the sounds of the Pacific Northwest! #nature #Washington

For everything else around u may seem still but be quiet and listen. Hear the sound of the living. Climb a tree and let the sun shine down on u and let ur skin soak in the light.