Grocery Shop in Plaka Athens, selling feta cheese and ouzo

Grocery Shop, Plaka Athens, selling feta cheese and ouzo. Rarely see grocer shops now!

Taverna by the sea in Sifnos, Greece

Estiatorion Canvas Print / Canvas Art by George Saitas

Taverna by the sea on the Bay of Vathy in Sifnos, Greece. Had one of the best burgers of my life there. I think it must have contained an entire stick of butter.

Athens, Greece

"Ta bakaliarakia" tavern in Plaka - Athens, Greece

"Klimataria" tavern located at Platia Theatrou, Omonoia. Really worth visiting to enjoy a wonderful meal

Klimataria - Athens It's nice to see some of these old time places still around. They usually serve the best, the simplest food.