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Important Dates in US History Bookmark

This addresses one of my pet peeves: particularly when the first English migrations occurred I'm so tired of reading Pilgrim X: Born 1587 in Massachusetts Please learn important dates in US History(& in other countries).

How to set up and implement a classroom behavior plan that really works, with advice from Smart Classroom Management’s Michael Linsin.

When I was a teacher, classroom management was not my strongest suit. I relied heavily on forming good relationships with my students, thereby preventing misbehavior. This worked about 90 percent of

How To Handle Students Who Push Your Buttons

Motivation to annoy you, what gets under your skin. Why does your student do this? How are they being reinforced? How can I fix this so they are not motivated to push my buttons.

The Visual Guide to English Prepositions Part 2/2 (Infographic)

Educational infographic & data visualisation The Visual Guide to English Prepositions Part (Infographic). Infographic Description The Visual Guide to


A behavior notebook is a whole-class management technique for recording classroom misbehavior that integrates student reflection & .