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Articles on how to teach piano to kids... of all sorts!

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Blues Piano Lessons What should you say to a struggling piano student? We break it down in this post. Teaching Posts, Student Teaching, Teaching Tips, Piano Lessons, Music Lessons, Music Flashcards, Music Theory Games, Playing Piano, Piano Teaching

6 Tips For Talking To Struggling Piano Students

The words we use when speaking to our piano students are incredibly powerful. Children are impressionable and can take everything you say to heart. The

How are we to know if that “nod of the head” is actually a legitimate indication of understanding. Does the word “yes” actually mean yes? Was that correct answer actually correct or a lucky guess? Check out our 8 Ways to Check for Understanding below to find out! How To Know, How To Find Out, Piano Teaching, Make Sense, Teacher, Student, Words, Check, Professor

Does your piano student *actually* understand? Here's how to know for sure...

Remember these the next time you find yourself asking your piano student "Does that make sense?"

Find out how this method book will motivate your piano students during the time they need it most! Listen to a bunch of pieces from the book here. Piano Teaching, Motivate Yourself, Getting Old, Students, Teen, Motivation, Books, Kids, Young Children

WunderKeys Elementary Piano Level 2A Will Change The Game For Your Tweens & Teens...

My kids are getting older. I always get a little sad and a tad nostalgic, as they move from one stage of childhood into the next. When they were babies I

What should you do if your piano students didn't practice during your summer break? Here's 5 tips for reversing the "summer slide" Music Ed, Piano Music, Piano Teaching, Teaching Tools, Piano Games, Summer Slide, Teaching Techniques, Movement Activities

NO piano practice happened during summer break? Your plan...

Have your piano students inadvertently participated in the "Summer Slide"... that dreaded slump that occurs after 2 months of barely any piano practice?

A lost tooth is a momentous occasion for a young child – it’s “big news” in kid land. So, today we’re sharing an easy improv activity you can use with young piano students who have lost a tooth. The next time your student announces a “wiggler” or gleefully shows you a brand new, gap-toothed smile, pull out this printable and celebrate the occasion with some improv fun! Knitting Patterns, Quilt Patterns, Crochet Pattern, Sewing Patterns, Amigurumi Patterns, Free Pattern, Quilting Ideas, Quilting Fabric, Top Pattern

Piano student with a loose tooth? Celebrate with this fun lesson activity

Our youngest daughter is six years old, which means that her teeth are falling out at a rapid rate. Every time we turn around she has another wiggly

Breaks Ideas: 10 Crossing Midline Activities for Kids Brain Break Ideas: 10 Crossing the Midline Brain Break Resources for home or classroomBrain Break Ideas: 10 Crossing the Midline Brain Break Resources for home or classroom Movement Activities, Gross Motor Activities, Gross Motor Skills, Sensory Activities, Therapy Activities, Activities For Kids, Music Activities, Movement Songs, Sensory Diet

Brain Breaks Ideas: 10 Crossing Midline Activities for Kids

Perfect for re-charging and re-focusing, these 10 great Youtube videos will get your kids moving and grooving as they cross that all important midline. Great for brain breaks at school or at home.

If moving on from unfinished piano pieces makes you uncomfortable (as it used to make me!) in today’s post I’m sharing 7 reasons why should not feel guilty about letting go of unfinished piano pieces. Team Building Activities, Music Activities, Teaching Activities, Teaching Resources, Teaching Ideas, Violin Lessons, Music Lessons, Music Classroom, Music Teachers

7 reasons why it's okay to move on from unfinished "stale" piano pieces

I am a huge fan of stick-with-it-ness. I believe strongly in the benefits of hard work and dedication. I believe that accomplishing a seemingly

Four tools you can use with piano students who have the ability to focus, but do not yet have the necessary strategies to do so predictably… Team Building Activities, Music Activities, Piano Teaching, Teaching Tips, Piano Lessons, Music Lessons, Physical Education Games, Health Education, Kids Piano

Piano student with a "busy brain"? Here are 4 tools to help your student focus

Have you ever taught a piano student with a "busy brain"? I have. She was a fidgety student, but it wasn't just her body that was in motion. Her brain was

Did you notice that some students seemed less than enthusiastic to return to piano lessons? Here's a plan to get them back on track. Piano Teaching, Teaching Tips, Piano Lessons, Music Lessons, Best Piano, Online Lessons, Music And Movement, Learning Styles, World Music

A 5-step plan for your piano kids who are not enthusiastic

As you said goodbye to some of your piano students at the end of the last term did you notice that a few of them were happier to be leaving than others?

These 6 piano lesson activities will send your students out the door before summer holidays smiling and excited to return to lessons in the fall. Piano Games, Piano Music, Piano Teaching, Teaching Tips, Piano Lessons, Music Lessons, Music Education, Students, Plays

6 activities for your 'last lesson' before summer holidays.

The sun is out, recitals are wrapping up, school is ending and many piano teachers are getting ready to close their studio doors for a much-needed summer

A fun pre-recital piano game that will help students kick their anxiety to the curb when the big day arrives. Music Activities, Teaching Activities, Teaching Tools, Teaching Ideas, Piano Lessons, Music Lessons, Piano Games, Piano Recital, Piano Teaching

Banish performance anxiety with this printable recital game!

Perfectly-polished piano students "stumble" in recitals all the time. It is heartbreaking for teachers and disappointing for students. Repeated recital

This year's late Easter has created the perfect storm for piano teachers. Not only will kids be pumped up about an upcoming holiday, but they'll be Piano Games, Music Theory Worksheets, Easy Piano Sheet Music, Sticker Chart, Homemade Instruments, Piano Teaching, Easter Candy, Piano Lessons, Jelly Beans

4 Piano Lesson Score Study Games For Those Easter Jelly Beans

This year's late Easter has created the perfect storm for piano teachers. Not only will kids be pumped up about an upcoming holiday, but they'll be

We need to use repetition as a teaching tool - but how can you do it without frustrating your student? Check out our tips here! Piano Teaching, Teaching Jobs, Teaching Strategies, Focus On Goals, Neural Connections, Piano Games, Reading Adventure, Learning Tools, Piano Lessons

How to void frustrating piano students with repetition

We have all done it. We have all asked a piano student to play “it” one more time. And there’s nothing wrong with this request… Unless, of course, you

Every piano teacher has their own unique way of teaching… and our piano students carry our stamp of teaching with them wherever they go. So how do we, as the new piano teacher, continue their piano lessons without driving ourselves (or the student) crazy? Piano Teaching, Piano Lessons, Teacher Hacks, Sheet Music, Students, Family Guy, Stamp, Unique, Day

Tips for teaching piano to transfer students

Smoothing the transition between teachers for transfer piano students.

4 piano lesson activities to encourage student independence I Need Help, Piano Teaching, Piano Lessons, Making Mistakes, I Got This, Confidence, It Hurts, Encouragement, Students

Teaching young piano students strategies to boost independent learning

Lately, my 8-year old daughter has been addicted to the piano. It is a wonderful feeling to see her head off to the piano every single morning after

Using small manipulatives in online lessons can be a helpful way to bring some fun hands-on learning to your lessons. Here are 10 games you can play with any small toy your student has on hand (LEGO men, shopkins etc. Music Education Games, Music Activities, Physical Education, Special Education, Health Education, Education Quotes, Piano Lessons For Kids, Drum Lessons, Music Classroom

10 piano games you can play in online lessons (easily!)

We all know that off-the-bench piano games are beneficial for children. After all, kids learn best when there are frequent changes of focus within a