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Avocado Hair Mask - My little sister had all these split ends but wanted to grow her hair longer instead of chopping it off. She said this super-hydrating mask helped her parched locks like crazy. My mom showed her this recipe and it worked like a charm. Her hair was splendidly soft and shiny afterward.

BEAUTY SECRETS FROM MY INDIAN MOTHER For every strange cause-and-effect beauty theory my mother handed down to me, she had some equally effective remedies for hair and skin that come straight from the kitchen.

How to Grow Hair Faster - Ten Long Hair Secrets | Nutriclue

How to Grow Hair Faster - Ten Long Hair Secrets | Nutriclue

Hair Growth Secrets: How to make your hair grow!

Want to know all the best hair growth secrets? Check out these home remedies for hair growth tips. Get your hair growing into long beautiful locks. No tricks. Just simple, easy things to add to (or subtract from) your daily routine!

Tips for Fine and Coarse Textured Hair. Natural and Curly Hair Care.

Care Tips for Fine and Coarse Natural Textured Hair. I have fine hair but I'm heavy handed :-(

Co-washing (conditioner only). This infographic is targeted to natural african american hair care, but can work for anyone! Especially good for thick, dry, or frizzy hair.

How to Co-Wash Natural Hair. These tips also apply to relaxed hair (like mine) and non-ethnic hair. Co-washing is probably the best thing Ive ever started doing to my hair. Its never been longer or healthier.