large9 17 Cute Nails Design Ideas

Bright coral nail polish with rhinestone "buttons" and rhinestone "bowtie" - CUTE!

try this awesome feather nail design that will make your nails look adorable!

try this awesome feather nail design, I did this on my toes with the new OPI cola collection in fizzy pink and its awesome

How to Get Perfect Nail Shape #livelovespa

7 Different Nail Shapes: How To Shape Your Nails Perfectly?

cute teal nail design with feather and stripes. Discover and share your fashion ideas on

Feather, Blue, Black and White Nail Art Design - maybe different color and not chevron

Standard French Manicure white tips with pink floral flower decals. Clear crystal accents  | See more nail designs at

Standard French Manicure white tips with pink floral flower decals. The pink floral flower decals makes the French amicus pop out and not plain Luv Picture perfect

Detailed Nails. Just because I have them on here don't necessary mean I like them. I just know nails are a necessary for the fashion statement and also. What woman doesn't like to get her nails done! So yes. Some I've done and some no way in the world. It's up to you to decide if you like them. They're just suggestions. The blonde in the pic.

Top 10 Nail Design Ideas

New years nails

Cute, New Years manicure idea. Black, French, with a glittered layer underneath the black.

DIY: use a nail pen to make the swirls!

Black Swirls & Dots on Blue Nails Look at how intricate these black swirls are on top of these amazing blue nail polish color. First off, the blue nail polish looks amazing and we want