The refugee boat hero who saved a child and stirred a continent | Melissa Fleming | TEDxThessaloniki - YouTube

The refugee boat hero who saved a child and stirred a continent

Playback theatre experience at #TEDxThess15 | T!NG | TEDxThessaloniki - YouTube

Playback theatre experience at

Escaping dead-end, reclaiming success: Think like an immigrant | Alexis Pantazis | TEDxThessaloniki - YouTube

Escaping dead-end, reclaiming success: Think like an immigrant

Coding for Children: The infinite loop of chasing an idea | Theodosios Sapounidis | TEDxThessaloniki - YouTube

Escaping dead-end, reclaiming success: Think like an immigrant

Internet of Things: a digitized economy for a fairer future | Danese Cooper | TEDxThessaloniki - YouTube

toward an emerging 'transnational state apparatus,' and toward the emergence of national and international nongovernmental organizations that act as watchdogs over governments and have increased

Opening act at #TEDxThess15 | High Society | TEDxThessaloniki - YouTube

(Video edited by: Pnevma Productions) High Society is a group of artists who are mainly involved in stilt walking and street theater.

Live at #TEDxThess15 | EKMEK | TEDxThessaloniki - YouTube

(Video edited by: Eleni Pnevmatikou) Honoring the best aspects of Greek songwriting tradition and at the same time clearly influenced by their affection for .

Live at #TEDxThess15! | Jerome Kaluta | TEDxThessaloniki - YouTube

As a solo artist Jerome has performed in most music stages in Greece, has hosted the Busta Rhymes concert in Athens and has appeared in 2 documentaries on Hi.

Redesigning global health: Looking beyond human error | Isaac Holeman | TEDxThessaloniki - YouTube

Redesigning global health beyond human error

Our Unlikely Universe | Harry Cliff | TEDxThessaloniki - YouTube

years ago Nicolaus Copernicus transformed the way we think about our place in the universe; today we may be on the brink of a new Copernican Revolution.

Mapping the human brain through online games | Amy Robinson | TEDxThessaloniki - YouTube

Amy takes us into a fascinating journey into the human brain, its structure and millions of electrical signals.

An addict's story: a constant fight with your enemy | Penelope Stavropoulou | TEDxThessaloniki - YouTube

“Mom, you smell bad.” These are the heartbreaking words of Penelope Stavropoulou’s daughter, while she was kissing her goodnight.

An unconventional approach to entrepreneuship | Nikkos J. Frangos | TEDxThessaloniki - YouTube

In a thought provoking Q&A session on entrepreneurship and investing Nikkos Frangos shares his views and experiences with the audience. He says it’s importan.

Democracy vs security: a tale of gain and loss | Anastassia Tsoukala | TEDxThessaloniki - YouTube

In a powerful speech, Anastasia Tsoukala examines citizens’ troubled relationship with the police. With examples concerning the abuse of power by police offi.

HIV/AIDS: the real facts | Nikos Dedes | TEDxThessaloniki - YouTube

Nikos Dedes through his work supports and campaigns for equal access for HIV/AIDS affected persons to effective, search proven and economically viable health.

How negative and positive media content shape our world | Philippa Young | TEDxThessaloniki - YouTube

Filmmaker Philippa Young examines the way news are often presented to the public. More often than not over the past years media outlets have made extensive u.