Designing cities for a life we want to live | Natassa Lianou & Ermis Chalvatzis | TEDxThessaloniki - YouTube

In this talk, London based architects Natassa Lianou and Ermis Chalvatzis present their philosophy about urban space.

Can social media deliver justice for issues like sexual assault? | Ione Wells | TEDxThessaloniki - YouTube

Can social media deliver justice for issues like sexual assault?

An inventive teacher's journey through teaching challenges | Stergios Parizas | TEDxThessaloniki - YouTube

Stergios Parizas is not just a substitute teacher. In his talk, he describes how he creat.

Human Genome and the Evolution of Medicine | Stylianos Antonarakis | TEDxThessaloniki - YouTube

Stylianos Antonarakis’ talk focuses on the human genome. Every time a human is created, the genome is copied, with one tiny mistake – the mistake that differ.

Can technology make you happy? | George Eleftheriou | TEDxThessaloniki - YouTube

George Eleftheriou takes the audience in this talk on a journey to happiness. He starts by presenting three basic facts of happiness.

The fallacy of the conventional workplace | Alex Loizou | TEDxThessaloniki - YouTube

Alex Loizou, co-founder of Trouva, discusses the issues of locality and flexibility, when it comes to access to knowledge and business. Despite the strict ru.

Ιs green the new black gold? | Dimitri Zenghelis | TEDxThessaloniki - YouTube

Wearing a bike helmet makes sense—but do mandatory helmet laws? Caitlin Giddings and Greg Kaplan weigh the pros against the cons.

Open innovation for our bionic future | Minas Liarokapis | TEDxThessaloniki - YouTube

In this talk Minas Liarokapis, founder of OpenBionics, presents how he created the most efficient robotic hand. Although humans have the most powerful proces.

Live painting @ #TEDxThess16 | Loukis Agrotis | TEDxThessaloniki - YouTube

In this performance he created a painting live on stage by using sprays and blacklight. Accompanied by loud musi.

Chasing dreams and supernovae | Constantine Emmanouilidis | TEDxThessaloniki - YouTube

Constantine Emmanouilidis has a rather strange hobby – he is the founder of a team of amateur astronomers that look for supernova explosions.

Live @ #TEDxThess16 - closing act | GANG | TEDxThessaloniki - YouTube

The GANG were created in Thessaloniki and their music is a mixture of indie-rock and jangle pop. They have performed in Berlin, in concerts, in festivals and.

The social enterprise bakery that restores eyesight | Andrew Bastawrous | TEDxThessaloniki - YouTube

The social enterprise bakery that restores eyesight

Gravitational Waves: Resonating with the Universe | Michalis Agathos | TEDxThessaloniki - YouTube

Most Precise Ruler Ever Constructed This animation illustrates how the twin observatories of LIGO work. One observatory is in Hanford, Washington, the other .

Restart life after a tragedy; any help counts | Melissa Fleming & Alexis Pantazis | TEDxThessaloniki - YouTube

In her TEDxThessaloniki talk in UNHCR’s spokesperson Melissa Fleming shared the amazing story of a young Syrian refugee, Doaa.

What makes a good society? A case study on Greece | Michael Green | TEDxThessaloniki - YouTube

In his talk, Michael Green presents the findings of his research regarding the Social Progress Index in Greece. Traditionally, happiness is measured in terms.

RE_ACT: Opening performance at TEDxThessaloniki 2016 | RE_ACT | TEDxThessaloniki - YouTube

The performance is a combination of video mapping and live dancing on stage. Stathis Mitsios, who created the video and directed the performance, is a mod.