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a room filled with lots of books and furniture
there is a collage of pictures with words about food and things like fresh air
#slowliving #livingslowly #livingslowly #livingslow #countryliving #freshair
a cup of coffee with the words tiny happy things written on it in different languages
Books, books and more books
a laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden table next to a cup of coffee
Happiness, Hygge Challenge, Hygge Hobbies, Mindful Living, Hygge Tips
a series of photos showing different things in the house and on the windowsills
a sign that is in the grass with flowers and plants around it, next to a basket
Embrace the Cozy Charm of Cottagecore: Explore the Trend & Our Cottagecore T-Shirt Roundup!
The cottagecore aesthetic keeps on growing, and in our house we're embracing it in a way that still fits into our typical suburban lifestyle. Check out our mini-dive into the cottagecore lifestyle and take a peek at our round-up of new cozy cottagecore-inspired t-shirt and mugs on Etsy! #cottagecorefashion #cottagecoreaesthetic #cottagecorestyle #cottagecorelife #cottagecorelove #cottagecoretshirt #cottagecoreoutfit #cottagecoreinspired #etsyfinds #etsysellersofinstagram