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an open window with metal bars on the side and one door opened to show it's reflection
Best and Reliable Aluminium Facade Company in Dubai, UAE
Top Innovative Facade Engineering Consultancy in Dubai, UAE - BES
an image of a metal object in the middle of water with its reflection on it
Direct Glaze
Modern Direct Glaze Windows | Modern Picture Windows | Marvin
an open glass door on the side of a metal structure with black flooring and white walls
Sieger Lux #Bifold Door is the #slimmestdoor in the world
an image of two windows with metal bars on each side and one window closed to the other
Menuiseries minimalistes Haut de gamme : baie vitrée, fenêtre, porte, coulissant
an image of a machine that is on top of a table with some sort of object in it
Muro Cortina II - Soluciones Arquitectonicas Grupo Basica
an image of the inside of a building with metal and glass sections attached to it
R50T - Riventi
the diagram shows how to use an electric device for lifting and unloading items from a crane
Garage Doors – Types, Considerations, And Ideas – The Homeward View
This kind of photo is seriously a magnificent style approach. #garagedoormakeover
a close up view of the side of a building with perfored metal panels
The mutable house | STYLEPARK
The Zentrum für Molekulare Medizin der Universität zu Köln (ZMMK) by Faust Consult GmbH | Cologne, Germany
an image of a metal object on a white background
Introduction - HCW Curtain Wall System - Anchoring systems - Construction - PRODUCT RANGES
HCW Curtain Wall Oberseite
four different views of the same wall mounted device, including two doors and one door handle
Anchor Channel Installation_Fixed into the formwork, embedded into the concrete with rotated screws, bracket and mullion installation.
the side of a building with metal grates on it's sides and an opening in the ground
DRSA Dränagerinne -Stabile Air-
Belüftung nach draußen für Pool im Keller
an architectural drawing shows the details of a building
Symantec Chengdu: A Modern Oasis Landscape in Dense Urban Location - Architecture Designs
ESS – Elisabeth-Seniorenstift Berlin – RISSE #architecture #architect #architecturaldesign #localarchitects #architecturecompanies #buildingarchitecture #homearchitecture #housearchitecture