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this is for people 18 and over (even tho this board was made by a 10 y.o female child 0_0)
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two anime comics with one being hugged by the other and another saying merry christmas on it
BakuDeku pictures {some smut}
two anime characters hugging each other with one holding the other's arm around his neck
Imagenes Katsudeku/Dekukatsu
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Bnha x Op Male Reader Insert
some anime characters are hugging each other
Imágenes KatsuDeku [Olvidado]
two anime characters laying on a bed with one being held up by the other's head
Bakudeku pics and comics
some people are doing different things in the drawing style, and one person is holding his head
two anime characters hugging each other in the snow
imágenes bakudeku/dekubaku - 1
an anime scene with two people laying in bed and one person sleeping on the floor
Yaoi Obrazki