Concept interiors

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an artistic rendering of a kitchen in the shape of a medieval castle with food on it
The Belgariad: Faldor's Farm Kitchen, Jasper Jiahao Han
an image of a large house with lots of furniture and decorations on the inside floor
Blacksmith & Weapon shop Cutaway, Roger Mohamed Chaumette
an animated image of a wooden house with lots of wood and metal items in it
Viking Throne Room, Gabriel Loo-Carre
an artist's rendering of the interior of a ship
Locke Lamora : Floating Grave Reception/Lounge, Gabriel Loo-Carre
an old fashioned house with lots of furniture and decorations on the floor is shown in this drawing
Wheel of Time - Queens Blessing Inn, Ian Hong
the interior of a wooden boat with furniture and decorations on it, including a bed
Pirate Ship - Royal Navy Deserters, Luca Pascal
a drawing of a house with lots of rooms
Cutaway of the gondola from Scott Westerfeld's book Behemoth.
a living room filled with furniture and lots of candles
Fantasy Flight Games
an aerial view of a kitchen and living room in a medieval style house with stone floors
Fantasy Kitchen - Belgariad, Joseph Chan