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New Angleterre Hotel, Syntagma Square and Ermou Street. Athens, 1950-1960 Pericles Papachatzidakis (ΦΑ_2_6703). © Photographic Archives of the Benaki Museum
Lycabettus from Erechtheion, Athens 1935-39, photo by Voula Papaioannou- Phorographic Archives of the Benaki Museum
Syntagma square, Athens 1951, photo by Dimitris Harissiadis - Phorographic Archives of the Benaki Museum
View of Athens with Hadrian's Aqueduct. Etching from the folio by Louis-Francois Cassas "Grandes Vues Pittoresques des Principaux Sites et Monuments de la Grece et de la Sicile", Paris 1813. Benaki Museum
Section of “Panorama of the War of Independence”, a wallpaper design of monumental dimensions, French manufacture, 1828. Its composition is based on scenes known from French philhellenic topics, and on designs by Horace Vernet (1758-1836), Ary Scheffer (1795-1858), and other painters. 2.45x16 m.  Benaki Museum
Waiting for the New Year! [Athens. December, 1960. Photo by Costas Balafas Benaki Museum Photographic Archives]
SUNDAY, 25 MARCH, 1945 (National Day) - The first parade after the Liberation People on the roofs of the buildings (Othonos st & Amalias Ave)! Snapshots from Athens, 69 years ago ...  Pavlos Mylonas Athens Photographic Archive Neohellenic Architecture Archives
Athens, Athinas Street, 1961. Photo by Dimitirs Harissiadis  © Benaki Museum Photographic Archives
Omonoia Square, 1959. Photo by Dimitris Harissiadis. Benaki Museum Photographic Archives
Konstantinos P. Kaldis: View of Constantinople, 1851. Engraving. Benaki Museum

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