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Haha. You go asexuals and aromantics! <-- why thank you! What pantheon do we belong in?<<< the hitherto nonexistent one.<<< Hehe

Asexual and Aromantics! Aromantics and Asexuals! Mighty and powerful GODS! <<< Except Tulio and Miguel were the gayest Dreamworks characters I've ever witnessed.

those comments tho

Between her and his father, it's no wonder Ben has such amazing cheekbones. I can totally see the resemblance in this photo.<<<THE LAST COMMENT OMG

Benedict Cumberbatch

"benedict cumberbatch on helium. that would be pretty much the best thing ever." - Oh my gosh, we need series 4 of Sherlock so bad.or if he inhaled the opposite of helium.

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