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League of Legends

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A friend asked me to draw Order of the Lotus Irelia in a cuter chibi-ish, he loved it, so I thought you guys would to! : r/IreliaMains


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Ahri (Ionia)

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Ku niM Twitter'da: "Championship Ashe💙 https://t.co/wz15Pei8fg" / Twitter

Ashe & Tryndamere (Freljord)

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Aina Twitter'da: "cant finish jack shit so heres another cait as a sorry i'll attempt just vomiting unfinished art for the next couple of weeks in hopes that it will lessen the chokehold my perfectionism holds me in https://t.co/sUalRDmoyE" / Twitter

Caitlyn (Piltover)

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Diana (Mount Targon)

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Emilia LeBlanc (Noxus)

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SΞVΠ on Twitter: "[Infinity Studio] 1/4 Scale Figure: League of Legends - The Grand Duelist, Fiora Laurent https://t.co/jebVf4KTSh… "

Fiora Laurent (Demacia)

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ArtStation - PROJECT: Katarina , Łukasz Starczewski
Ku niM Twitter'da: "progress :> https://t.co/cC6l8P8nnj" / Twitter
Shinaa (MaddynShinaa) Twitter'da: "Still so tall. -Sorry for the repost, just edited something- https://t.co/pTqd71Ct7f" / Twitter

Garen Crownguard & Katarina Du Couteau (Demacia/Noxus)

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League of legends Irelia by markou000

Irelia Xan (Ionia)

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Jinx & Vi (Zaun/Piltover)

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Adrian Wilkins on Twitter: "Third batch of Character Illustrations done for Riot :) Check out the previous posts to see more! #KDA #Ahri #Kaisa #Seraphine #LeagueOfLegends #LOL #RiotGames #conceptart #characterdesign #illustration #LegendsOfRuneterra #Arcane https://t.co/tafFW7yVcQ" / Twitter

Kai’Sa (Void)

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Riven (Noxus)

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Lux Crownguard (Demacia)

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ArtStation - Hextech Sejuani, Sean "Raiko" Tay
Sejuani Fanart by OwarinaiSora on DeviantArt

Sejuani (Freljord)

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Xayah & Rakan (Ionia)

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Yasuo & Yone (Ionia)

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ArtStation - Corki , 大 黑柱

Bandle City

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Gnar Fanart LOL by Devoratus on DeviantArt


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ArtStation - K/DA Akali


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Kırılmaz Mızrak 'Pantheon' | Efsaneler Ligi [LOL] 4K duvar kağıdı indir

Mount Targon

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