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Sans x Frisk

This is one of the doodles from the poll I did 2 days ago xP SwapTale!Sans: W-would you go out with me, Human! Oh, well ok ^^' Sans and UnderFell!Sans: What? Poll link this is .

Super Sonico

stylish pictures and drawings of futanari, dickgirls, and also some very girly traps

sans x frisk | Tumblr

I honestly kinda like Frans when it's an older Frisk. (Soriel doesn't really click with me for some reason. I'm really neutral when it comes to shipping Sans.

kawaii Anime Nabi.

^ ^ arm at side bangs bare shoulders belly bikini top black-framed eyewear black legwear black panties breast envy breast grab breasts brown eyes brown hair cleavage collarbone curvy d.