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an orange and black ceramic house on top of a table
Vintage 1969 Empire Halloween Haunted House Blow Mold Blowmold Light Up
Vintage 1969 Empire Halloween Haunted House Blow Mold Blowmold Light Up
an orange and white ceramic figurine holding a skull
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Vintage Halloween Blow Mold ~ Witch w/ Skull
pumpkins and jack - o'- lanterns are on display in front of a brick building
Halloween Lantern Collection!
halloween decorations from the 60s | Vintage Halloween Decorations
a ceramic pumpkin with a black hat on it's head is sitting in front of a white wall
Vintage Halloween JOL Pumpkin Blow Mold Light Empire Plastic | Etsy
Blow mold JOL
an orange plastic figurine with a black top hat
Vintage 1969 Empire Halloween Blow Mold Jack o Lantern Pumpkin Man Hat No Light
Vintage Halloween Blow Mold ~ 14" Tall Jack O' Lantern Man w/ Top Hat ~ Made by Empire Plastic in 1969
a shelf filled with halloween decorations on top of a wall
Fun vintage Halloween goodies! Too bad things like these aren't still being made.
a statue of a skeleton reading a book in the woods
Look out Christmas Decorations!!!! A Christmas caroler blowmold repurposed into a Halloween minister!!
an assortment of halloween pumpkins and cats on a shelf in front of a house
Halloween Blow Molds
Halloween Blow Molds by MissConduct*, via Flickr
an advertisement for the lighted nativity set featuring santa claus and other christmas figurines
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Blow Mold Christmas Decorations from the J.C. Penney Christmas Catalog, 1966 - My parents had the three wise men and shepherd shown on the left that we used with a different Mary and Joseph.
an old fashioned christmas scene with santas and snowmen
Christmas Decorations from the 70s – Remembering the 70s
Christmas outside decorations pictures | Christmas Decorations from the 70s
an advertisement for halloween pumpkins with prices on the front and back sides, including jack - o - lantern heads
Euclid Boo
Vintage Halloween Ad for blow mold lanterns & candy buckets
a glass christmas ornament with a santa clause holding a wreath
Santa with Wreath - Miller Electric Company - Blow Molds R Us
a ceramic deer sitting on top of a red and white sign that says illuminated christmas decoration
a deer head mounted to the side of a wall
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Vintage Mold-Craft Reindeer 1958 Christmas Blow Mold Rare