Beaches of Rhodes

Discover the beautiful beaches of the Island of Rhodes, Greece
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Kalithea Beach, Rhodes,Greece

Kalithea Beach, Rhodes,Greece

Prasonisi Beach Rhodes, Greece

Prasonisi Beach, Rhodes, Greece where the 2 seas meet!

Anthony Quinn Beach Rhodes

Anthony Quinn Bay, Rhodes, Greece where "The Guns of Navarrone" was filmed

Afandou Beach Rhodes, Greece

Afandou Beach Rhodes, Greece

Tsambika Beach Rhodes, Greece

One of the most beautiful and popular beaches in the island is that of Tsampika. Golden sand and crystal waters, an ideal place for a bath and summer sports. The beach of Tsampika can be reached with boats that make daily cruises from the city.

Ladiko Beach Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes beaches: Experiencing the marvels of the authentic Greek summer - Destinations - Trésor Hotels & Resorts