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the words are written in different colors and font on a beige background, with an image of
a piece of paper with words written on it and a plant in the foreground that reads teach me dear lord, to live all of my life through your eyes
a piece of fruit hanging from a tree with the words i am the vine you are the branches if you abide in me, and in you will bear much fruit
A-B-I-D-E: The Experience of Knowing Christ Today - Soul Shepherding
flowers with the words those who seek the lord lack no good thing
a group of people raising their hands in front of a large screen with the words what a powerful name it is
a white wall with the words mornings are better when you talk to god first
Peace & Love
the quote god's thing not mine god's will not mine god's plan
Michael Bliss
the words self control are in black and white
faith is undoubtedly