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Spaced Repetition: Learn Once, Remember Forever - The Metalearners

Do you remember those nights before an exam with a big textbook in your hands? You did well the next day, but a week later you remembered nothing. Have you spent hours learning something new but a few days later the knowledge had almost evaporated? The solution is simple: Spaced Repetition. Click here to find out more!

Deliberate Practice: The Key To Practicing Everything - The Metalearners

For all those times you kept studying but didn't feel like you were improving the answer is simple. It's deliberate practice. To learn more about how to avoid lazy practice and how to be as deliberate as possible about your training, click here.

How To Learn From Video Courses - The Metalearners

Nowadays there is a huge amount of video educational content available. Click here to learn how to learn from video effectively and retain the knowledge forever.

80/20 Rule: The Concept That Will Change The Way You Learn - The Metalearners

Everyone has struggled trying to learn something new. If you say you haven't, you are lying. The 80/20 rules is the one concept that will change the way you learn forever. Click here to learn more.

Batching: How To Transform Your Productivity Forever - The Metalearners

Batching is about gathering similar tasks together and doing them all at once, in order to boost productivity. With batching, you avoid the high time costs needed to start a new task or to switch from one to the next. In this article, you will find various batching examples, along with an easy process to implement it.

How The Metalearners Came To Be: The Inside Story - The Metalearners

What happens after you reduce 12-18 hours of gaming per day to zero? How do you handle achieving your dream at a young age, only to find it's not what you imagined? The journey that led to The Metalearners has both of those. The one thing that helped me navigate all those shifts in my life was learning how to learn.

Sequencing: Putting Your Learning In The Right Order - The Metalearners

The most important part of the DiSSS framework, according to Tim Ferriss, is sequencing. In this stage, the goal is to decide the order in which you'll study the material you've chosen in the previous 2 stages, deconstruction and selection. Aim for the sweet spot between effectiveness and sticking with the program.

Selection: Choosing The Best Material You'll Actually Study - The Metalearners

Let's assume you've already chosen the skill and a specific goal to achieve, and you've also deconstructed it. It's now time for selection, where you'll choose the most effective and efficient resources and techniques to learn from, which should also be the ones you are most likely to stick with during your learning.

Deconstruction: How To Make Any Learning Subject Manageable - The Metalearners

Trying to learn a new skill can be really terrifying. There is a ton of things you have to learn, the resources seem endless, and you have no idea where to start from. What you need is deconstruction, which means taking this huge, intimidating block and breaking it down into small, manageable pieces.

Learning Italian In 3 Months From Scratch: The Process - The Metalearners

As my first learning project (and challenge), I've decided to learn Italian from scratch in just 3 months. The goal is to be conversationally fluent until the end of this quarter. In this article, you can find the process I've built to achieve that goal. Click here to learn how to learn any language in record time!

Learning Report #1: 1st Quarter 2018 - The Metalearners

Welcome to my first quarterly learning report! Every quarter I share what I've been learning, in order to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how I structure my learning, as well as my failures and successes. In this report, I talk about the first 3 months of The Metalearners, as well as my learning projects.

Record Your Practice Sessions To Learn How You Learn - The Metalearners

Despite your best efforts, it is difficult to be 100% aware of what you do while practicing. You need a technique that will allow you to detach and review your process. You can achieve that by recording your practice sessions and reviewing them. In this article, you will find out why and how to use this technique.

Procrastination: The Largest Obstacle In Your Learning - The Metalearners

Procrastination is the process of switching from a perceived-as-unpleasant task to a more, temporarily, pleasant one. When we want to start such a task, our actual pain centers light up. Yes, we actually feel pain. In this article, you will understand procrastination and find out how to beat it once and for all!

How (and Why) To Memorize A Deck Of Cards: Training Schedule - The Metalearners

In last week's post, we learnt how to memorize a deck of cards. This week, we see an exact training schedule in order to achieve this goal quickly and without any burnout. Click here to find out exactly what to do to be able to memorize a deck of cards as soon as possible.

How (and Why) To Memorize A Deck Of Cards: The Process - The Metalearners

Imagine being able to memorize a deck of cards so quickly that it seems like a magic trick. What if I told you that by learning how to do it, you can also learn and improve the two most important memory techniques? Click here to learn how and why to learn how to memorize a deck of cards.

Google: 16 Effective Search Tips You Probably Didn't Know - The Metalearners

When learning, you will always have questions your material doesn't cover. If you know how to google, you can get answers to them quickly. If not, it can get really frustrating. In this article, you will find the most important tips and tricks to learn how to use Google effectively and efficiently.