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Theodora Koutroumpa

Theodora Koutroumpa
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pallets wooden giant bed

Reusing Ideas for Old Used Dumped Pallets Wood: There are many people living all around the world, who still don’t know the uses of the wood pallets due to

Rustic Look Giant Pallet Bed with Storage

Rustic Look Giant Pallet Bed with Storage: For a huge bedroom, there should be a giant bed for which a person needs to spend a huge amount of money as the

Which one of my hick guy friends from high school will build this bed for me?

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The bed is available at high rate in the market, so it is good to create it at home using the inexpensive; but strong material that is wood pallets. The pallets are painted white for creating the bed frame and the side tables are joined with the bed.

Great Ideas Out of Recycled Wooden Pallets: We can solve this issue by showing the handmade great ideas using the recycled wood pallets, but the person needs to