Perfect bridal summer sandals from Elina Linardaki.

Lace up white leather sandals. With sea shells, glass crystals, white cotton fringes, cotton lace and pearls.

The Great Gatsby by Elina Linardaki

Lace-up leather sandals. With cotton trims in red and gold, semi-precious stones (red agate), glass crystals and silk beige tassels.

Piccolo Lace up leather sandals by Elina Linardaki

Leather sandals with multi - colored macrame friendships and colorful wooden beads. Decorated with hand-painted ceramic evil eyes and yellow and pink pom poms.

Ikaria dark grey Kyma Lace up leather sandals

Lace-up leather sandals in a unique dark grey color, Ikaria sandals will wrap around your ankle, holding your feet comfortably.

Frida lace up leather sandals by Elina Linardaki

Lace up multi color sandals. With semi precious stones (turquoise and red corals), Italian crystals and colourful cotton straps hand-dyed with traditional tech

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