Lyons Maid Ice Cream Plastic And Polythene Advertising Sign Showing | Vectis Toy Auctions

Lyons Maid Ice Cream plastic and polythene advertising sign showing various TV characters including, Joe Captain Scarlet, Thunderbirds, plus others - overall condition is generally Good Plus - displays well - interesting item.

Skinny Cow ice cream ad

That hot dog loves that giraffe, and low calorie ice cream bars.

Colgate ice cream ad

Colgate want's to remind you to brush your teeth with Colgate by hiding a toothbrush-shaped piece of wood on the insides of ice-cream bars that says Don't forget Colgate

peace, love and ice-cream!

Ben & Jerry’s Campagne by Adrian Chan. Cool paint ideas for teen room with Meme's? Am I so uncool I don't even know how to spell "meme?