Three Story Tree House, British Columbia Photo: This Photo was uploaded by denialextrip. Find other Three Story Tree House, British Columbia pictures an.

La natura a domicilio: le più belle case sull'albero in giro per il mondo

10 Of The World’s Most Amazing Tree Houses - Tom Chudleigh, Free Spirit Spheres, Qualicum Bay, British Columbia (Canada)

The Treehouse seeks to “inspire humanity to reconsider how we can more harmlessly co-exist with nature” by creating world-wide tree house communities.

dream tree house 19 Ever dream of a quiet life in a tree house in the middle of f nowhere?

Boeing 727 Fuselage Suite at the Hotel Costa Verde in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

Eco-friendly Finca Bellavista Treehouse (Costa Rica) This tree house is a part of the self-sustainable and eco-friendly Finca Bellavista tree house community in

The Bird’s Nest Tree House (Sweden) . This tree house, by the creators of the Tree Hotel, might confuse the birds even more. Although it looks like a massive nest from the outside, the house has a modern and high-standard room built inside.

The UFO Tree Hotel in Harads, Sweden was designed by Inredningsgruppen Some people may make fun of them, but as far as midlife crisis purchases go, adult treehouses beat all.

Senior Center Turned Treehouse (Ghent, Belgium) This sculptural tree house in Belgium was made for the art festival TRACK: A Contemporary City Conversion, and is a miniature version of the houses behind it.

Perched high in the treetops is the stunning Yellow Treehouse Restaurant by the New Zealand based Pacific Environments Architects Ltd. This treehouse restaurant resides on the north of Auckland, New Zealand, nestled into a 40 meter high redwood tree.

For this prolific treehouse builder, treehouses are a way to bring the interconnection of nature back to people, "free from all systems or ideology.