Michelle Poole

Michelle Poole

UK / Virtual Assistant Membership Club that coaches, networks and grows 008 VA's.
Michelle Poole
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oh so very true!

Here's a weight loss secret you can pin. There are no secrets. Stop eating garbage and get off your ass. Amen I know a few people who just sit there complaining but never put in the true effort for the results they want


Inspirational Good Morning Quotes are words of wisdom that often encourage everybody to welcome the brand new morning with passion, hope, and enthusiasm. These Good Morning quotes and wishes give you the motivation that divulge in the beauty

HowStuffWorks "How Virtual Office Assistants Work"

Great article about Virtual Office Assistants. If you're looking for an executive assistant while working remotely - call OFFICENSE today.

watercolor words by rocketrictic

Let it go! Is it really necessary to hold on to it? Let it go now. Its too heavy. Just let it go. You know you want to. Don't be afraid. You know you need to. You know life will get better once you do. Let it go now. Just let it go,