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a drum set with the words which drumset matches which genee learn more on it
Which Drum Set Matches which genre and why
🥁 Discover Which Drum Set Matches Each Genre and Why! Find the perfect drum set for your musical style in our latest blog post. Read now to improve your rhythm game! 👇 #DrumSetGuide #MusicGenres #DrummingTips #Thomann
muse drum cover - domino
Domino completely nails the drum beat on Muse’s song Supermassive Black Hole. Where are the gamers here? In which well-known soccer video game is this song played in the background in the main menu? let us know in the comments. #muse #museband #supermassiveblackhole #drumcover #drumming #drummer #dominodrummer #dominosantantonio #thomannsdrumbash #thomann
Compare cymbal sounds online
Introducing Cymbot, our revolutionary tool for comparing cymbal sounds with 100% accuracy 🤖Each cymbal is meticulously measured and played by Cymbot's robot arm with varying strike intensities, providing sounds for all preferences, from gentle jazz to intense blast beats. The recorded sounds are available for playback using our online tool, allowing you to explore different aspects of the cymbals from the comfort of your home! Give it a try! #cymbals #testing #online #athome #website #thomann #wespreadmusic
Wood snare drum
Drumroll, please! Discover the best with Thomann's top-selling wooden snares! Dive into our comprehensive YouTube video for the ultimate rhythm inspiration.
a person is pouring something into a glass with the words drum tuning how to get the best sound out of your set read more
Drum tuning guide
Are you still a bit confused on how to tune your drum? Check out our latest t.blog entry on how to get the best sound of your drum set 🥁 #drumtuning #tuningguide #tips #tricks #thomann #wespreadmusic
the drum player is recording music in his home studio, with text that reads 4 - mic drums recording learn more
4-Mic Drums Recording
We’ve all heard that you can get very fancy with drum recording… Some engineers use 20+ mics on a kit for certain sessions. This is all great and wonderful if you have the knowledge, budget and time, but for the average beginner or intermediate musician or engineer, 4 microphones is more than enough. In this blog article we’ll share some insights, tricks and gear suggestions for recording your drum kit with exactly 4 mics.
Green Day Drum cover by Domino
Celebrating the new album of Green Day came out last week, domino is performing her favourite song and share her version of boulevard of broken dreams. If you like to play along the hole song, check out the link to the full video on thomanns drum bash youtube channel. Drum along with the newest Green Day tracks. 🥁 #drumcover #domino #greenday #newalbum #thomann #wespreadmusic
a person holding a cymbal with the words shiny addition for drummer
Effect cymbals
Effect cymbals Cap: Discover the magic! ✨ Level up your drumming journey with the stunning shiny effect cymbals waiting for you on Thomann's website. Swing by our new Drum Department shop to explore and experiment – mix these gleaming gems with your trusted daily cymbals. 🥁✨ #DrummerEssentials #effectcymbals #thomann
Ed sheeran castle on the hill
Dive into the beat with a drum cover of Ed Sheeran's 'Castle on the Hill' 🥁🎶 Find daily inspiration for your drumming journey, as the beats of Domino set the perfect tone for your drumming fun! 🚀🔊 #DrummingVibes #EdSheeranInspiration #CastleOnTheHill #thomanndrumbash #youtube
a drum with the words nature wood snares on it
Nature wood snares
🥁🌳 Feel the tight backbeat and undeniable groove with the Pearl Special Reserve Snare and a collection of nature wood snares from Thomann. Discover the power of rhythm with every hit. Get yours now and let the rhythm take over! 🎶🪵 #DrumGrooves #Naturewood #Thomann
a man sitting at a table with some food on top of it and the words travel friendly instruments above him
Sela SE 179 Art Series Flower Power
Chasing melodies wherever we roam 🎵🏞️ Whether it's strumming by the campfire🔥, grooving in the van🚐, or harmonizing by the water's edge🌊 – our music knows no bounds. Join us in creating unforgettable tunes and memories! 🎶🌄🎸 #UnforgettableMelodies
Efnote 3X E-Drum Set
Discover your next E-Drums at their finest through Thomann! 🥁🎶 Explore a universe of electronic beats that cater to all skill levels. Unveil a spectrum of sound possibilities you never knew existed. 🎵🔥 #EDrums #FeelTheBeat
a man sitting on a couch holding a large metal pan in his hand and looking at the drum
Handpans are highly regarded for their meditative qualities and are popular among musicians, sound therapists, and individuals seeking a calming and expressive instrument. They are commonly used in solo performances, as well as in various musical genres such as world music, ambient, and contemporary fusion. The handpan's captivating sound and its ability to evoke emotions make it a fascinating and increasingly sought-after instrument in the music world. Discover our wide selection on thomann.de
Dua Lipa - Dance the Night | Drum Cover | Domino Santantonio | Thomann
Daaance, dance the night away! What are your plans for this week(end)? We hope @dominosantantonio provided the right soundtrack for you! What do you think of her new drum cover? #dualipa #dancethenight #dancethenightdrums #drumcover #drummer #drumming #drumbash #dominodrummer #dominosantantonio #thomann #speakmusic
Efnote 3X E-Drum Set
The Efnote 3X is a top-quality e-drum set with a modern matte black finish and double-layered mesh heads. Its unique cymbal pads provide a realistic feel, and the set offers over 100 multilayer sounds, making it a full replacement for an acoustic drum set. The Efnote 3X delivers an exceptional playing experience for professional drummers. Watch the hole video about it on youtube. Directly linked 😉 🥁