Ambrosial (noun)  Extremely Delicious; Excelent

Chocolate-Honey Ganache Layer Cake ~ The combination of natural and Dutch-processed cocoa powder, coffee, and mild honey gives this cake an incredibly moist texture and an intense, complex, and very grown-up chocolate flavor.

Nemesis (Noun) 1. Due punishment for evil deeds 2. one who inflicts such punishment

The first trailer for the documentary on Heath Ledger’s life has dropped and it given a heartbreaking look into the tragic actor’s life.

Odyssey (Noun) Long series of wanderings or travels

In "The Odyssey" students learn about the fictional journey of the Odyssey through the world of the ancient Mediterranean.

Narcissistic (Adjective) In love with oneself; egocentric

Narcissistic (Adjective) In love with oneself;

Martial (Adjective) Warlike; Pertaining to war

The real Band of Brothers - seven sons from one family who all fought in World War One - Mirror Online

Laconic (Adjective) Using words sparingly; terse; concise

Laconic (Adjective) Using words sparingly;

Jovial (Adjective) Jolly; Merry; Good-Humored

Jovial (Adjective) Jolly; Merry; Good-Humored

Hermetic (Adjective) Airtight; Secret; Magical; Mysterious

The disadvantage of some brush washers are the weight and size. So this new smaller format air tight brush washer fits the bill.

Herculean (Adjective) Very Difficult; Requiring great strength

If you strength train properly, did you know that you can continue to expend calories after completion of your regular workout?