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Building A Lettuce Gutter Garden - One Acre Vintage Homestead How To

Upcycle old and used gutters into a simple lettuce gutter garden. Install this upcycled gutter garden anywhere to grow all your loose leaf plants.

How To Grow Buckets Full Of Bell Peppers + Health Benefits & Recipes

There is nothing more beautiful than a basket full of homegrown bell peppers. I have been growing bell peppers for the last twenty years and have never been disappointed. There are many reasons to love bell peppers. They are really easy to grow, loaded with nutritional value and taste amazing raw and cooked.

How to Grow Blueberries

Grow blueberries in a large pot as they need the space to grow well 12 16 in diameter should suffice Smaller varieties are ideal for urban gardens

DIY Cinder Block Outdoor Bench

DIY Cinder Block Outdoor Bench Need an outdoor bench in your backyard? Here's a great DIY project for you that is very easy, you could do it in just hours... Build this beautiful bench in your outdoor area using only cinder blocks and lumber. This outdoor furniture is very quick to make wit ...

How To Make A Lettuce Ball Basket

Who said lettuce must grow in the garden or in pots? Watch as this woman shows how she makes lettuce globes... Pretty Cool!

50+ Wonderful Pallet Furniture Ideas and Tutorials - Outdoor Diy

Bank und Hocker aus Europaletten #Terasse #Balkon #Garten #Möbel #Europaletten Outdoor DIY Projects

50+ Wonderful Pallet Furniture Ideas and Tutorials - Outdoor Diy

Bank und Hocker aus Europaletten #Terasse #Balkon #Garten #Möbel #Europaletten Outdoor DIY Projects

How To Grow Spinach In Your Garden

If you’re short on garden space but committed to eating a healthy, balanced diet and would like to take part in growing your own produce, container gardening is the answer. Almost anything that grows in a garden can be grown in a container. Growing spinach in containers is an easy, nutrient-rich, fast-growing crop to start …

5 Proven Ways to Growing Lettuce Indoors & in Containers Year Round

Do you want to have fresh lettuce but without digging soil? Here are 5 ways to growing lettuce indoors or in container all year round.

Growing Cauliflower in Containers

Learn how to grow cauliflower in containers in this article Growing cauliflowers in containers is not very difficult if you know its proper requirements

12 Best Fruits and Berries for Patio Containers | Empress of Dirt

Just about any fruit tree or soft fruit including berries can grow in containers if you start with the right plants and growing conditions. Dwarf apple, peach, and plum trees are just a few options. Blueberries, strawberries, and currants also do well. Browse the list of suggestions and what to look for to make the best choices for your growing space.

How to Grow a Massive Sweet Potato Harvest With DIY Containers - Gardening Channel

By John Moody As a kid, I always enjoyed tinkering with toys and other things. Many didn’t survive my escapades of disassembly. As a homesteader, both urban and rural, I have continued in that train. Worm compost in the basement of our apartment building. IBC totes turned into animal transporters inside our mini-van. Container growing […]

Want To Entertain More In Your Home? Here Are 15 Amenities You Can Build With Cinder Blocks

Pools, outdoor fireplaces, a mini bar! Make them all with cinder blocks.

40 Fantastic Backyard Ideas On A Budget - Page 23 of 40 - Gardenholic

Upgrading your landscape, backyard or patio doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are 40 backyard ideas on a budget.

Guide to Urban Homesteading | MOTHER EARTH NEWS

Learn about urban homesteading skills, such as small-scale composting, urban beekeeping, and how to set up a rainwater catchment system.

Epsom Salt Garden Uses Best Tips Video Instructions

You will be amazed to learn all the Epsom Salt Garden Uses and we are sure you will learn a thing or two. Our post has lots of charts and a video tutorial .