DIY: origami butterfly

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Don’t waste words on people who deserve your silence. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can say is nothing at all

Fools take a knife and stab people in the back. The wise take a knife, cut the cord, and set themselves free from the fools.

yes, thank you #planetblue

May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short. Can't drink coffee anymore and Mondays are hour days.

Not everyone has good taste lol I've been told I'm an acquired taste. Yeah, if you can handle the truth then we should get along just fine!

quotes about life

I believe this is true also Great quote What will you do to make today ridiculously amazing? from Inspiration Station's Inspiring Quo.

Afghan Girl (Steve McCurry)

Afghan Girl (Steve McCurry) BW by Andre Jabali, via

Good stuff.

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Your naked body should only belong to those who fall in love with your naked soul.” - Charlie Chaplin in a letter to his daughter, Geraldine.

Be a man

the world is full of guys, You mustache yourself if you want to be a man.

This is something we keep forgetting! #quote #quotes #wise_words

13 Lessons I learned at SNAP

Be the type of person you want to meet. Be the type of person you want to enjoy the company of. Be the type of person who delights in the things that come into her head, or out of her mouth.

New York living. If going to Honors means I can move to New York after…

memoryanddesire-stirring: quietcharms: to put it simply….yes It is really that simple. :)

we-should-fuck-now-that-i: “ I like holding the back of her neck or grabbing a fistful of hair when I kiss a girl. Not too aggressive but just enough so I can kiss her hard.

greek quotes

greek quotes

Σε μια στροφή

Nothing , becomes everything , with just one curve !

♡ We'll, today is now, but who's counting? ....oh yes, me!!

You mean Louis' Birthday? The holiday formerly known as Christmas Eve? Lmao XD Merry Christmas everyone!

I like me some MP An A-Z Guide to Indie Fashion Magazines - The Cut with Michael Pitt - Badass Look