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Love this! I have tons of doilies that belonged to my grandma and found at yard/estate sales! Sew doilies together for a table runner.

Old doilies sewn together make a table runner. I love lace and used to collect antique lace, and I think that this runner created from old doilies is really a super idea.

DIY Designer Plates

If you are the type that likes to have unique and personalized items, you will love this idea. There are designer plates everywhere, but they are often expensive.

DIY Plates

Buy plates from Dollar Store, write things like, Night Before Christmas, wedding vows for a gift. they used a Porcelain 150 Pen which is permanent and safe once baked for 30 mins in a conventional oven. --I like this idea!

Ceiling fan blades. Great Idea.

Ceiling fan blades drawn with Sharpie as part of studio remodel by Nina.This gives me an idea! You should see the HIDEOUS ceiling fan in my studio. Maybe I can make it pretty :-)