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a woman standing in front of a table holding up a piece of paper with the word cut out
A Winning Lesson for the First Day of Kindergarten Art
You may think I am crazy, but I jump right into an art project on the first day of Kindergarten art! In the video below, I will tell you all about what project I do, how I accomplish it, and how I use this first art project as an important assessment tool.
This is a must read!! So inspirational!! Cassie Stephens: In the Art Room: The First Days of Art Class
In the Art Room: The First Days of Art Class
This is a must read!! So inspirational!! Cassie Stephens: In the Art Room: The First Days of Art Class
a sign that says everything i need to know about creativity is learned by making money
Everything I needed to know about creativity...
Everything about creativity. // I LOVE THIS. I'm thinking I need to paint this on something to display in the store -- add to the technique wall?
this is where the fun stuff happens on white paper with multicolored letters in different colors
sew something similar for a kids bedroom, easily diy-able. THIS IS WHERE THE FUN STUFF HAPPENS by artist rachel castle, australia. felt and linen on vintage linen.
a child holding an umbrella with the word wow written on it in green and orange
Willow :: A childrens picture book about art and imagination
Willow :: A childrens picture book about art and imagination
a little boy that is standing in front of a piece of cloth with letters and numbers on it
something new at the preschool
Tapestry table...great idea!!
a young child is using a paint can to decorate a chalkboard with the words happy new year on it
Salt Painting - Juggling With Kids
Draw a picture with glue, sprinkle salt, dip a paintbrush in water and food coloring and touch it to the will be mesmerized!! Like a reverse of the salt-on-watercolor watch-it-absorb lesson
children are playing with colored pom poms on the ground
Splat Art: Explore Science and Art in Preschool
Splat painting with pompoms and liquid watercolors - such fun! Great process art activity for kids. Add to Doodle & Splat camp
four pieces of chocolate are being made on a table with their wrappers folded around them
FreshlyPlanted: Valentine's Hot Glue Rubbing Plates
Hot glue rubbing plates. Make your design with hot glue on a square piece of cardboard, let dry and then hand it over to the kids with some sheets of paper and crayons to rub over.
a man is working on an object that looks like a cross
Team Building Events & Group Outings in Dallas, Texas - Group Dynamix
Objective: To get the group to work together and draw a picture or a word on the poster board using only a marker and duct tape.
the circle game worksheet for kids to learn how to make circles with pictures
Free art sub lesson: The Circle Game! Adapted from Ande Cook's Art Starters
The Circle Game: A complete sub lesson for the art room. Adapted from Ande Cook's Art Starters.
children are sitting at a table making art
giant hot air balloons
the four main printing process is shown in red and blue, with different colors on each side
Imma gonna put this in the poster maker to hang on the wall. yesh. different types of printmaking
a poster with different words and phrases for the same person's name on it
Greeting Students
Greeting Students to Increase Engagement
a woman looking at a man holding a large cake
Situational irony: The opposite of what you think - Christopher Warner
TEDEd--the creators of TED talks now have a You Tube channel just for educators! 3 to 10 minute video clips that are appropriate for the classroom. You can even apply to teach a lesson that will be animated and put on the site. Wow!!!