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How to Improve Your Tennis Backhand

If you want to work on perfecting your backhand, this tutorial provides a tip derived from the backhand styles of the very best active tennis players today.

Your opponents are intimidating and crush the ball. Remember every team has a weakness or two. Learn how to take advantage of them to beat an unbeatable doubles team.

Grab your racket and fine tune your skills at Boston's best tennis courts and clubs. Challenge a friend, drop in with your honey for a doubles match or join a league, but be sure to visit the best courts in the city for unmatched amenities.

Tying a rope is one of the most practical skills to have in your arsenal, and 99 percent of the time, a bowline is the best knot for the job. Not only does it offer a rock solid hold, it can be tied and untied in seconds, even after bearing tension.