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holy mount athos

Orthodox Way of Life : Photo

Holy Monastery of Vatopaidi, Mount Athos

The path of virtue is always in the centre; at equilibrium. You can’t sway to the right or the left. The extremes, both good and bad, are always from the evil one, however tempting they may seem. Based on Abba Dorotheos

Holy Monastery of Vatopaidi, Mount Athos

World War III: why and when?




In the summer of 1995 six monks arrived in the southern Arizona desert to establish St. Anthony’s Monastery, carrying with them the sacred, millenial heritag.

Monks on Mount Athos creating an icon of the Theotokos with colored sugar on a dish of kollyva

On the Holy Mountain, abbots of the last 100 years are commemorated, as are priests and monks of the last Kollyva is made for each one.

"If you want to avoid cancer, live like a monk. That is the inescapable conclusion from research into one of the world’s most renowned monastic communities. The austere regime of the 1,500 monks on Mount Athos, in northern Greece, begins with an hour’s pre-dawn prayers and is designed to protect their souls. Their low-stress existence and simple diet (no meat, occasional fish, home-grown vegetables and fruit) may, however, also protect them from more worldly troubles..." (Times article link)

A Foolproof Anti-Cancer Diet. With Just One or Two Drawbacks If you want to avoid cancer, live like a monk. That is the inescapable concl.

Ermità del Mont Athos

Mystagogy Resource Center is an International Orthodox Christian Ministry headed by John Sanidopoulos.


1660 – The day the colour disappeared from Mount Athos.

Holy Monastery of Kostamonitou, Mount Athos

The Holy Monastery of Kostamonitou (or Kastamonitou), Mt Athos.