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an old photo of a man wearing a tie and another image of a man in a sailor's uniform
Richard Harrison, known as The Old Man on Pawn Stars, has died at 77
an older man in a leather jacket and hat with patches on his sleeves sitting at a table
Tuskegee Airman, Congressional Gold Medal Recipient Julius T. Freeman, KB2OFY, SK
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Al Roker
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15 Stars You Didn't Know Were in the Military
Lee Marvin's USMC WWII Causualty Card
Lee Marvin's USMC WWII Causualty Card
Jamie Farr-Army-Korea-after war (Actor)
Jamie Farr-Army-Korea-after war (Actor)
an older woman holding up a plaque and medal in front of her face while sitting on a couch
Sigrid Green: WWII spy and code breaker who was dropped by submarine into occupied Norway.
Steve McQueen in the Marine Corps, ca 1947-50 Vintage, Steve Mcqueen, Steve Macqueen, Steve Mc, Steve, Famous Marines
Steve McQueen in the Marine Corps, ca 1947-50
a man in uniform sitting next to an american flag
GEN Benjamin Oliver Davis Jr. (1912-2002) - Find a...
Gen Benjamin Oliver Davis, Jr (1912 - 2002) Leader of the Tuskegee Airmen in World War II, later he was the first black general in the US Air Force
two men in naval uniforms sitting next to each other
Jean Marie's Downtown Holland
Lt. John F. Kennedy and his brother, Ensign Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., circa 1942
an older man in a tuxedo and bow tie
Sterling Holloway-Army-WW2 (Actor)
a black and white photo of a man with curly hair smiling in front of the camera
Wayne Rogers-Navy- navigator aboard the USS Denebola
an old photo of a man in uniform standing next to a building and looking at the camera
Goodnight Ed - Maggie's Farm
Col. Ed McMahon, USMC (Ret.), like many Hollywood celebrities of his era, was a military veteran. He volunteered for service during World War II. He went through flight training at various bases, but the end of the war came before he was deployed overseas. In the 1950s, McMahon was recalled by the Marines to serve in Korea. There, he was an F-9 Panther pilot and flew 85 combat missions as an artillery spotter, according to an Army website. 1923 - 2009