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two smartphones displaying weather and temperature in the same screen size, one with an image of
Weather App UI
Weather App UI by Bhuvan UI
an iphone displaying the time and temperature
Inspiring Mobile App UI UX Designs | | Graphic Design Junction
I like the way that they try and bleed the screen into the Phone, the phone UI always try's to define its boundaries, maybe it shouldn't?
an image of three cell phones with different angles and sizes, all showing the same screen size
Smart washer app UI
Smart washer app UI by Hyelim Choi
a person holding a smart phone with the time displayed on it's display screen
shot 20 Fantastic Examples of Flat UI Design In Apps
a computer screen with an image of the earth at night and lights in the background
retrograde assimilation
an iphone with a clock on the screen
The next user-centered TV remote control is your smartphone
RemoteThink - Program Guide by Mathieu Boulet
a woman wearing sunglasses and holding flowers in her hand is looking at the camera screen
nearby_full.png by Vitaly Rubtsov
the music player app is open and ready to play on its own device, including an iphone
Windows Phone 10 Concept
a person holding a cell phone in their hand while looking at the screen with an app on it
This looks very cool - Levels | Designer: Nelson Marteleira
the temperature gauge is displayed on an iphone's home screen, and it shows that you can stay at least 24 hours per hour
big.jpg by Murat Gursoy
an iphone screen showing the time and weather in san francisco, ca on march 28
real-pixels.png by Andrée Afonso
#ui #ux #design #weather
an iphone screen with the time displayed on it
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