Mykonos, the most beautiful place!

Top 10 Greek Islands to Visit

Top 10 Greek islands to visit – Top Inspired Mykonos- always wanted to go here. It has a completely different culture and housing style to other islands. There are so many different sub-cultures in greece!

GREECE CHANNEL | #Sivota (Thesprotia), #Epirus, #Greece

My home sweet home :) Sivota (Thesprotia), Epirus, Greece

Lovely Kastellorizo !!! Dodecanese, Greece | by missgoa

Is Dodecanese, Greece your next destination? A perfect little quaint town with so much character

Antipaxos, Greece-7

Voutoumi, Antipaxos Island (Ionian), Greece snorkeled- swam and climbing to the top for a photo like this where there was a cute restaurant overlooking this bay

Skopelos island, Agnodas beach

Luxury holidays in Skopelos are for the discerning and determined, for Skopelos does not have its own airport. Read our helpful guide to Skopelos here.

Crete, Samaria Gorge (note to self, hiking is just walking...)

The Samaria Gorge - Crete, Greece. I took a tour of this Gorge while in Crete,from the beginning up on the mountains to the seashore. What a fabulous experience.